(New American Roget's College Thesaurus)
adj. coldblooded, harsh, pitiless. See malevolence, severity.
(Roget's IV) modif.
1. [Vicious]
Syn. malevolent, brutal, sadistic, inhuman, ruthless, spiteful, depraved, wicked, delighting in torture, vengeful, revengeful, evil, sinful, degenerate, disposed to inflict suffering, brutish, demoniac, outrageous, tyrannical, gross, swinish, evil-minded, rancorous, rough, wild, bestial, ferocious, bloodthirsty, savage, fierce, monstrous, barbarous, barbaric, maleficent, fell, ravening, fiendish, satanic, atrocious, truculent, demoniacal, debased, destructive, harmful, malignant, virulent, evilly disposed, pernicious, mischievous; see also sense 2, fierce 1 , ruthless 2 , savage 2 .
Ant. kindly*, humane, tender.
2. [Pitiless]
Syn. callous, unnatural, merciless, sadistic, unpitying, unmerciful, unyielding, obdurate, coldblooded, ruthless, remorseless, hardhearted, unfeeling, inflexible, inclement, indifferent to suffering, unrelenting, inexorable, relentless, unsparing, absolute, grim, grim-visaged, inhuman, severe, harsh, heartless, stony, stern, unconcerned, iron-handed, without pity, knowing no mercy, giving no quarter*, turning a deaf ear*, hard as nails*; see also ruthless 1 .
Ant. merciful*, touched, compassionate.
Syn.- cruel implies indifference to the suffering of others or a disposition to inflict it on others [cruel fate ] ; brutal implies ruthless force or savage cruelty that is altogether unfeeling [ a brutal prison guard ] ; inhuman stresses the complete absence of those qualities expected of a civilized human being, such as compassion, mercy, or benevolence; pitiless implies a callous refusal to be moved or influenced by the suffering of those one has wronged; ruthless implies a cruel and relentless disregard for the rights or welfare of others, while in pursuit of a goal
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus) a.
vicious, ferocious, inhuman, inhumane, mean, savage, brutal, merciless, barbarous, sadistic, cold-blooded, heartless, bestial, bloodthirsty, ruthless.
ANT.: kind, benevolent, compassionate
(Roget's Thesaurus II) adjective 1. Showing or suggesting a disposition to be violently destructive without scruple or restraint: barbarous, bestial, fell2, feral, ferocious, fierce, inhuman, savage, truculent, vicious, wolfish. See KIND. 2. So intense as to cause extreme suffering: ferocious, fierce, savage, vicious. See HELP, KIND.

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